Doctor Television Channel (DrTV) is committed to offering medical programming by medical professionals, and it is this standard that truly sets us apart from the rest.

Our unique structure allows DrTV affiliates to partner with local hospitals, medical schools and health organizations, becoming fully integrated into the health issues of their community. Local partners can also draw upon the expertise of area medical professionals with full access to create targeted health updates and programs, as well as use the channel to promote health events in the community.

We encourage each affiliate to become the go-to location for viewers wanting to improve their health and that all starts with “healthy” local partnerships. DrTV brings viewers the latest in medical news, entertainment and medicine with a variety of stories on healthy lifestyles, proper eating, and living longer. The programming guide and schedule offer a more in-depth look at the exciting shows to be found on DrTV.

We believe a DRTV affiliation will be ground-breaking in the annals of local television. For the first time, there is a structured program to engage the support and participation of your local, health-care community. This can be a turn-key program for your station with no advanced capital requirements or significant monthly expenses.

DrTV has created an entire infrastructure to assist affiliates in making their local DrTV Channel a revenue producer. Our team of experts will provide specialized equipment, production of healthcare spots, secure local and national healthcare sponsors for the station and cable negotiations.

We cover the cost of the equipment, sales and cable negotiations in return for revenue sharing.

  •  Local & National Sales – We have a professional sales team who are experts in the healthcare field.  They will negotiate on your behalf with national healthcare providers and industries to sponsor your local DrTV Channel.
  • Cable Negotiations – Our cable experts will handle all cable negotiations on behalf of the channel
  • Centralized Traffic Department – We will handle all commercial insertions for the channel.
  • Full Sales Support – This includes insertion schedules, contracts, affidavits and billing.  
  • Production – We have created a production website with multiple, health-related, commercial templates that easily can be edited to brand the sponsors of the local DrTV Channel.  Templates include Health Minutes, Healthy Eating and Health Trivia.

To Qualify a Station

  • Must be fully FCC compliant with an active signal.


  • Must carry DrTV on their primary or secondary channel.


  • Must have a signal that reaches the cable head-end or the ability to deliver the signal to the cable system.