Our Team

Doctor Television (DrTV) is a network dedicated to bringing you latest in medical news, entertainment and medicine. But wait, we are so much more. DrTV will also bring to you and your patients stories on promoting healthy lifestyles, proper eating and living longer. Be sure to take a look at our exciting programming and schedule.


Key Personnel

Lee Miller, CEO of MSGPR Ltd Co, has been involved in the Broadcast and Technology business for 40 years. He has worked in commercial television news operations, creative services, promotions, public service and television network management. As a conference speaker, he has taught on subjects ranging from television news operations to audio-video technology. Featured in PR industry publications, Miller has been recognized for his instruction and writings on crisis communications from media worldwide.

Miller is a winner of multiple Addy, Television Showcase and network television awards for production of television, radio and print. Miller serves on and is the immediate past chairman for the TV/Visual Communications Committee for the National Religious Broadcasters. He serves on the board of GPS-TV, the Salvation Army Advisory board, the Lufkin Landscaping Taskforce and as communications director for the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance.