Scuba Bob’s Ocean Quest

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Scuba Bob’s Ocean Quest is a television and educational program that is designed to promote ocean conservation, marine awareness and a commitment to make a difference. Our goal is to be politically neutral and acknowledge that we as humans are the cause and solution to many global problems. Conservation is the solution.  We need to use our common sense to come up with creative solutions that benefit both mankind and our planet.  If we do nothing many of species will be written into the book of Extinction and Extinction is forever and for all
This mission has been developed out of the compassion and dedication from Scuba Bob. Scuba Bob has been diving for 30 years and has over 7,000 dives. He was voted the best scuba diving instructor in 2002 by the Houston Press. He is dedicated to educating youth and adults on the importance ocean conservation. Over the years he has seen habitat destruction and the extinction of several marine creatures. He is concerned that past predictions of extinction are coming true. Each episode of Ocean Quest will help make people aware of the marine crisis at hand. Scuba Bob will take you around the world to explore the adventures, mysteries and adventures the waterways have to offer.
The goal of Scuba Bob’s Ocean Quest is to turn ignorance into understanding and carelessness into compassion and concern. As stated in one episode a person cannot kill what he or she comes to love. Through each episode of Scuba Bob’s Ocean Quest, he hopes to use the lens of the camera to show his audience what he observes and values. Man must change to meet the conservation needs of the present and future. If we do nothing, we will find ourselves beautifully prepared for a world that no longer exists.
Born a native Houstonian, Scuba Bob grew up around the waters of Galveston. With an avid angler as a father, he spent most weekends and summer vacations at his family’s beach house on Bolivar, Texas. He quickly learned how to swim at age 5 and loved to explore the tidal pools looking for unique creatures to put in his homemade aquariums. From the first time he entered the water, he preferred being under the water than on the surface. Come experience the beauty, mysteries and adventures the oceans have to offer through Scuba Bob’s Ocean Quest

Overview and Scope of the project…Our Oceans are in Crisis.

Mike Nelson (Sea Hunt 1950’s) got people involved in the underwater world… Cousteau (Underwater World of Jacque Cousteau 1970’s) brought the underwater world into their living rooms… Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter 2000) introduced us to the passion of conservation and Scuba Bob brings the underwater world to the people, while communicating the passion for ocean conservation and motivating people to take an active role in conservation efforts.
In the past we talked about how our Planet will be in Crisis if we do nothing… today we talk about the Crisis we are in and how it is affecting us on a daily basis. The Crisis of pollution, overpopulation and habitat destruction is NOW.

    1. 1. The ocean covers 72% of the earth’s surface… 75% of the earth’s Oxygen is provided by the oceans… There are a 1,000,000 species in the water out of the 1.75 million species in the world… We know more about the moon than we do about the oceans.


    1. 2. Every 20 minutes, the world adds another 3,500 human lives, but looses one or more entire species of animal or plant life. (Source: PBS)


    1. 3. At the turn of the Century there were 250,000 humpback whales and today there are less than 25,000 whales.


    1. 4. Leatherback turtles are over 100,000,000 years old and have only 10 years left before they go into extinction. In 1990 there were over 80,000 nesting turtle. Today there are less than 3,000 a 95% loss.


    1. 5. On December 14th 2006 the white dolphin was declared extinct. Who will be next? At present there are less than 300 Vaquito (Gulf of California) Dolphins.


    1. 6. It is estimated that 80 percent of the decline in biological diversity is caused by habitat destruction. (Source: Animal Alliance)


    1. 7. At the current rate of consumption and destruction the fish stocks of the World will not be able to sustain themselves by the year 2049.


    1. 8. Called the “rainforests of the sea,” coral reefs are the greatest expression of ocean life, and the most bio-diverse ecosystem on Earth outside of the rainforest. (Source: the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation)


    1. 9. An estimated 58 percent of the world’s coral reefs are at risk today and an estimated 10 percent have already disappeared. (Source: the World Resources Institute – WRI)


    1. 10. An estimated 88 percent of the reefs in Southeast Asia – the most species-rich reefs on earth – are at risk. (Source: the World Resources Institute – WRI)


    1. 11. 100,000,000 Sharks are killed each year for Shark Fin Soup, through long line fishing and careless activities of man.

Today in the 21st century, we have a marine crisis. As we look around the world we continue to see in headline news about the loss of fish stocks, extinction of marine life and problems man is experiencing in the oceans due to it being out of balance. There are several voices telling man to wake up and take care of our oceans. Through Ocean Quest, we hope to take that voice to the people through a television series that explores the beauty and adventure the oceans have to offer, while educating the public on issues that affect the ocean’s health. It is time we quit blaming people for the problem and start doing something to make a difference.
Ocean Quest will document things being done to help the oceans and show people how they can be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Organizations, companies and people around the world are doing good things, but no one knows what they are doing or how they can help them continue their efforts.
The Goal of Ocean Quest is to educate and promote ocean conservation throughout the world. By using the video media, we feel we can reach people and make them aware of the need for the conservation of our liquid world. Remember Extinction is forever and for all…