New Guidelines for Losing Weight, Cut the Calories

For years, the general wisdom was that the only scientifically proven way to shed pounds and inches was to consume fewer calories than one burned each day. Unfortunately, that formula doesn’t work for everybody. Why? Experts say that this is because successful weight loss is associated with a wider range of factors.

“Gaining control of your weight is more complex than the ‘calories in/calories out’ approach that so many dieters subscribe to,” says Margie Adelman, president of Simplipur, a maker of dietary supplements. “Now research shows that powerful factors regulate weight, and that understanding those factors can help you reach your goals.”

According to Adelman, these are clinically proven actions that promote fat loss, which every dieter should know about:

• Rethink your goals. In dieting, your number one goal shouldn’t be to lose pounds but rather to increase your lean body mass. Healthy weight loss is all about burning energy, and the leaner your body mass, the more energy you can burn. It’s by “building lean” that you will lose fat.

• De-stress. Stress triggers a “fight or flight” response, during which the body produces adrenaline that mobilizes stored fuel so you can run away or pick up a stick and fight. That fuel is stolen from muscles and organs, tearing down lean body mass, as well as leaving energy in the bloodstream that the body converts to fat if it’s not used.

To bust stress, first recognize its source and takes steps to manage it. Before going to bed, try relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises. Take a walk or do jumping jacks; find a way to discharge the nervous energy pumped into your bloodstream, so it won’t be stored as fat while you sleep.

• Sleep well. Jealously guard sleep time and don’t let anything interfere with it. The deep sleep states are when anabolic processes take over to build lean body mass, so high-quality, undisturbed sleep is essential. Your bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet. If you need white noise, make sure that it’s constant and not irritating.

• Get exercise and make it fun. Exercise builds lean body mass, so get plenty of it. But make sure it’s something fun so you’ll enjoy it and keep up the habit.

• Eat right. Low carb diets like the Paleo Diet, which feature a wide variety of protein sources, fruits, veggies and healthy fats, have the best profile for losing body fat while building lean body tissue and are much healthier than low-calorie diets. Remember that lean body tissue is made from protein, so if you want to “build the lean” eat plenty of protein. You may also want to consider incorporating a dietary supplement into your routine, such as Lean 2.0 Weight Management, which supports fat loss and helps you increase lean body mass by working directly with your metabolism.

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To get serious about weight loss and reduce body fat, move beyond the old way of thinking. For best results, incorporate dieting principles based on new scientific research.

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