Get the Skinny on Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Even with a year of healthy habits under your belt, it’s easy to let the holiday season tip the scales. But don’t let those parties, extra trays of cookies floating around, and massive holidays feasts get the best of you.

Here are smart ways to stay trim all season long and avoid regaining an entire year’s worth of dieting.

Schedule Your Workouts

Sure, the holiday season is super busy. There is more shopping to do, errands to complete, and social engagements to keep. But through it all, be diligent in finding opportunities to burn more calories. Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Park farther away from an entrance than you normally would. Do calf raises as you wait in line. Curl weights or perform squats as you talk on the telephone. And if you belong to a health club, prioritize your trips to the gym as you would any other appointment on your calendar.

Cut the Fat

Fat has more calories per milligram than any other nutrient, and most people underestimate the amount of fat they consume. Unfortunately, the holidays can be a particularly frustrating time of year to avoid it — for instance, pumpkin pie can have 20 grams of fat in just one slice and a gingerbread cookie has 7 grams of fat. Rather than avoid your favorite foods and treats altogether, consider weight loss solutions that don’t require specific meal planning or a massively restrictive diet, such as I-REMOVE from bmiSmart, a plant-based supplement taken after each meal with a glass of water.

The tablets contain Litramine, a weight loss ingredient that binds to dietary fat and reduces the amount of fat calories absorbed by the body. Studies have shown I-REMOVE helps users lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone. Safe, effective and gentle, it won’t cause digestive issues when taken as directed. More information can be found at

Use Moderation

Even with a workout program in place and weight loss tools to aid your dieting efforts, it’s important to not let the holiday season be a caloric blank check. Use the same sensible tricks that work for you all year long.

For example, if you’re eyeing the party buffet, prioritize your favorite treats so you don’t end up getting stuffed on items you don’t even enjoy. Fill your first plate with fruits, veggies and other healthy options before diving into the richer fare. And of course, make sure you drink plenty of water between those servings of egg nog and champagne.

To give your 2017 resolutions a great jump start, mind your health during the holiday season.

Story by StatePoint

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